• Northwest Calgary Market Statistics

    Northwest Calgary Market StatisticsNorthern Hills Market Stat Update Wondering how the market faired in the Northern Hills over the past month? Well here is a monthly update on the stats from February and I will also update a few stats for the first couple of days here in March.

    Panorama Hills Stats

    Single Family Homes – Panorama Hills Inventory: 80 Homes for Sale Sales: 19 New Listings Added: 52 Average [Read More…]

  • You Can Sell Your House Fast Even If it Has a Short Lease

    You Can Sell Your House Fast Even If it Has a Short LeaseA short lease is a property lease that can be hard for you to be able to sell off through the use of a standard home sale process. This comes from how a short lease will work with a process that is very different from what you would normally have to deal with.

    A short lease on a property is a good thing to take a look at when you are dealing with your home. A short lease is something [Read More…]

  • Selling Your Home Ahead of Your Competition

    Selling Your Home Ahead of Your CompetitionIn today’s market, making the decision to sell your home can be a difficult one. Once you have decided to sell, the best decision you can possibly make is to list your home with a reputable realtor whom you already know and trust, or one who demonstrates competence and knowledge of your local market trends so that they can best market your property.

    One thing that has been common with [Read More…]

  • Things You Should Know When Renting an Apartment

    Things You Should Know When Renting an ApartmentRenting an apartment is not an easy business for everyone. It can be particularly difficult if this is the first time you are living on your own. Indeed, you will never realize the responsibilities that come with living independently unless you are living alone. You will find that even the most minor daily tasks can consume a lot of time. Also, dealing with apartment [Read More…]

  • Surviving the Buyer’s Market in a Seller’s Shoes

    Surviving the Buyer's Market in a Seller's ShoesIt’s no secret that we have been in a buyers market for quite some time now. While this can be extremely frustrating for the seller in today’s market, there are ways to prepare and triumph. With a sound strategy in place, anyone can sell in this market; but like most things in life, it takes work, care and time. So hike up your pants, roll up your sleeves, and let’s get that home SOLD!

    Know [Read More…]

  • Generating Real Estate Leads

    Generating Real Estate LeadsIf you are new to the real estate game, or maybe even if you are a veteran agent, I have some tips for finding leads where you may have never thought about leads being found. There are ways of generating real estate leads that many people don’t realize are staring them in the face. If you are one of the first agents to utilize one of these leads you may see a large amount of business generated from that simple [Read More…]

  • When You Need A 30-Day Notice

    When You Need A 30-Day NoticeA 30-day notice normally applies when a real estate rental or lease agreement is involved. It is an important document that should be in writing in order to be enforceable. A landlord or tenant may have to execute this document when a crucial decision has to be made that will affect the monthly rental agreement entered into by both parties.

    On the side of the landlord, he or she may give a 30-day [Read More…]

  • Streamlining the Process of Selling Your Home

    Streamlining the Process of Selling Your HomeThe process of selling your house is a tricky one that will require much preparation and effort on your part. As you are going to want to get the highest amount possible, you have to make your place look as good as it can possible look.

    To start with you have to get rid of all the junk lying about the place. You may even have to find some place to put all the stuff you need to temporarily [Read More…]